Maxillofacial Radiology 184

Keywords: jaw, lesion, female, birth


Clinical pictures and images of a very rare lesion presenting in the jaws at birth of a female. The patient spend some time in an incubator (Fig. 1). Tracheostomy was a lifesaving procedure in this patient. Repeated operations have removed the gross mass hamartomatous tissue but Figure 2 still shows noticeable recurrence of the lesion. Figure 3A and B are study models at two and a half years of age. The jawbones have grown in size. There is a pronounced shift in the midline of both jaws and their dentitions towards the right and away from the lesion. What are the important radiological findings?


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1. Farman AG, Katz, Eloff J, Cywes S. Mandibulo-Facial aspects of the Cervical Cystic Lymphangioma (Cystic Hygroma). British Journal of Oral Surgery. 1978-79; 16: 125-34.
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